Top 10 Voltage Sensor Arduino – High-Tech

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ANGEEK ZMPT101B Active Single Phase Voltage Transformer Module AC Output Voltage Sensor for Arduino

ANGEEK - Output signal: the output signal for the sine wave, the waveform of the median DC component. Supply voltage: 5-30v. Operational amplifier circuit: high-precision on-board amplifier circuit, the signal to do the exact sampling and appropriate compensation and other functions. Voltage transformer: Onboard Precision Micro Voltage Transformer. Mode voltage output: the module can measure AC voltage within 250V, the corresponding output mode can be adjusted.
Numéro d'articleXF0278

2. Waveshare

Waveshare DC3.3-5V 200nm-370nm Response Wavelength UV Detection Sensor Module Ultraviolet Ray UV Sensor Module for Arduino

Waveshare - Mounting holes size: 2. 0mm. How to use:in the case of working with a mcu: vcc ↔ 3. 3v ~ 5. 0v; gnd ↔ power supply ground; AOUT ↔ MCU. Io analog output. Response spectrum: 200nm-370nm. Output voltage boosts along with the ambient ultraviolet intensity increases;Onboard amplifier circuit with adjustable amplification factor. Dimension: 22. 0mm * 16. 0mm.
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ModèleUV Sensor

3. Sun3Drucker

3pcs Analog Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor V1.2 Wide Voltage Corrosion Resistant with Cable for Arduino Raspberry Pi

Sun3Drucker - Analog output, insert it into soil and feedback with the real-time soil moisture data. Supports 3-pin gravity sensor interface. Compatible with dfrobot 3-pin "Gravity" interface, which can be directly connected to the Gravity I/O expansion shield. Includes an onboard voltage regulator which gives it an operating voltage range of 3. 3 ~ 5. 5v. Measures soil moisture levels by capacitive sensing. Used to garden plants, moisture detection, intelligent agriculture.
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4. iHaospace

IHaospace Lot de 2 modules de capteur de courant ACS712 ACS712ELC 30 A pour Arduino

iHaospace - Ce capteur de puissance acs712 peut mesurer des températures jusqu'à 30 A. Il n'y a pas de courant de détection à la tension, la tension de sortie est VCC / 2. Alimentation broche 5 V - Indicateur d'alimentation à bord. Taille de la carte pcb : 27, 4 x 11, 8 mm.
Numéro d'articleACS712


400cm Max, POLOLU VL53L1X Time-of-Flight Distance Sensor Carrier with Voltage Regulator

POLOLU - It's a tiny, self-contained lidar system featuring an integrated 940 nm Class 1 laser, which is invisible and eye-safe. This sensor is a breakout board for the popular VL53L1X laser-ranging sensor. Also features a programmable region of interest ROI, so the full field of view can be reduced or divided into multiple zones. It uses the time of flight tof of invisible, shape, eye-safe laser pulses to measure absolute distances independent of ambient lighting conditions and target characteristics like colour, and texture. It offers fast and accurate ranging up to 4 m.
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6. Adafruit

Current, Adafruit INA260 High Or Low Side Voltage, Power Sensor

Adafruit - Impressive voltage, current, and temperature ranges with better than 1% accuracy. Delivers data in an easy to use format over I2C. Works great with any microcontroller that is CircuitPython or Arduino compatible as well as single board computers such as the Raspberry Pi. It can do the work of two multimeters but with amazing precision and flexibility. Measure high or low side DC current, the bus voltage, and have it automatically calculate the power.
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OSOYOO 10PCS TCRT5000 Infrared Reflective IR Photoelectric Switch Barrier Line Track Sensor Module for Arduino Smart Car Robot with 5 * 8Pin Female to Female Jumper Wires

OSOYOO - Use for: the electricity meter pulse data sampling, Fax machine, shredder paper detection, Black and white line detection. The working voltage of 3. 3v to 5V. Test reflection distance: 1mm to 25mm. Tcrt5000 sensor of infrared emission diode constantly launch infrared. With many adjustable precision potentiometer to adjust sensitivity.
Numéro d'articleZZ20160126

8. Waveshare

Waveshare AS7341 Spectral Color Sensor Visible Spectrum Sensor High Precision I2C Bus Compatible with Various Platforms Including Arduino/ STM32/ Raspberry Pi

Waveshare - Features spectrum interrupt detection, with programable high/low thresholds. Interrupt pin to output inner ADC real time operating status. Provides general purpose input/output GPIO pin.

2x high brightness leds, can be used as fill light on dim environment. Incorporates as7341 chip, which integrates 8x visible spectrum channels, 1x near infrared channel, and 1x no filter channel. Comes with development resources and manual examples for Raspberry Pi/Arduino/STM32. Dedicated channel to detect ambient light flicker on specific frequency. Embedded 6x independent 16-bit aDC, allows effectively processing data in parallel. Onboard voltage translator, compatible with 3. 3v/5v operating voltage.
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Numéro d'articleAS7341 Spectral Color Sensor

9. CQRobot

NO Need to Calibrate Ultraviolet Output Value, CQRobot Ocean: Ultraviolet Sensor Compatible with Raspberry Pi/Arduino Board. Onboard Si1145 and ADC chip. I2C, Measurement of Ambient Light Intensity.

CQRobot - Compatible with arduino and Raspberry Pi Motherboard. Examples for Raspberry Pi/Arduino. Onboard voltage translator, compatible with 3. 3v/5v operating voltages. Integrates si1145 chip with embedded ADC, detects not only ultraviolet, but also, Ambient light intensity. Directly output uv index value via the I2C interface, needs no calculation. Supports interrupt output, programmable upper/lower threshold.
Numéro d'articleCQRSENUV01


TECNOIOT 2pcs INA226 IIC I2C Interface Bi-Directional Current/Power Monitoring Sensor

TECNOIOT - Thedevice monitors both a shunt voltage drop and bussupply voltage. Design compactsenses bus voltages from 0 v to 36 v; high-side or low-side sensing; reports current, and Power. Configurable averaging Options-16 Programmable Addresses; Operates from 2.

7-v to 5. 5-v power supply; 10-pin, voltage, DGS VSSOP Package. Ina226the ina226 is a current shunt and power monitor with an i2c- or smbus-compatible interface. Compatiblethe ina226 senses current on common-mode bus voltages that can vary from 0 v to 36 v, independent of the supply voltage. High performancehigh accuracy:– 01% gain error max;– 10 μV Offset Max;. The device operates from a single 2. 7-v to 5. 5-v supply, drawing a typical of 330μA of supply current.

Fast delivery fast and high quality delivery of Spain buying in TECNOIOT. The device is specified over the operating temperature range between –40°C and125°C and features up to 16 programmable addresses on the I2C-compatible interface. Programmable calibration value, and averaging, conversion times, combined with aninternal multiplier, enable direct readouts of current inamperes and power in watts.
Numéro d'articleA373-INA226-357-2PCS